SmithOBrien Clients

For almost 20 years, SmithOBrien has had the privilege of working with these organizations and many others. Please click the links below to see client results.

"I am grateful for the focus and discipline you brought to our early discussions with senior management, the talent of your consultants in the design of our training and implementation efforts, and the wise and supportive counsel you have provided throughout this process."

Jeff Zalla
former Chief Financial Officer and
Corporate Responsibility Officer
Chiquita Brands International

"Nearly two years later after completing [the Corporate Responsibility Audit], we continue to reference the resulting report as a source for improvements. Among the changes are a refocusing of our entire organization around our corporate mission, resulting in clearer…communication and beneficial changes to our product and service."

Robert E. Hunter
former Chief Executive Officer
Delta Dental Plan of Massachusetts

"Because of the breadth and the thoroughness of the audit, your recommendations have given us a new and different way to look at some very important areas of our business. A number of recommendations are being fitted into activities that are underway and we expect them to prove very helpful. We have been most impressed by the quality of the people in your organization. Their expertise and skills are obvious and all of you were able to perform your work within the Company in timely and effective manner."

Yvan Dupey
former Chief Executive Officer
Benjamin Moore Company

"I admire your work a great deal. The [SmithOBrien audit of a client] is the most successful audit story I've ever heard."

Marjorie Kelly
Business Ethics

"The SmithOBrien audit model is the Cadillac of the social auditing field."

David Logan
Managing Director
The Corporate Citizenship Company