Utility Company


The client had recently adopted sustainable development as a strategic platform. SmithOBrien designed (with input from the CEO and other directors) and facilitated a one-day learning program for the Board of Directors on key corporate responsibility issues.

Within the context of sustainable development, the Board of Directors learning program provided an overview of current and emerging trends and best practices from leading companies. The program was customized with guidelines for prioritizing and managing issues in three areas of particular concern to the client. These included environmental practices, workplace and community diversity strategies, and community involvement. The learning program also illustrated the business case, including probable financial benefits, of integrating various corporate and operating functions into a cohesive implementation strategy.


Director take-aways on sustainability included a clear understanding of:

  • The right questions to ask senior management;
  • What they as directors should be thinking about;
  • What to look for and how to prepare for "what lies ahead";
  • Consequences of ignoring current trends and forecasts for the future of corporate sustainable development; and
  • Revisions needed to their committee charters


The client's Board of Directors is now able to confidently oversee its sustainable development strategy. As evidence, the Board has added the achievement of new workplace diversity objectives to the CEO's performance review.