"Your consulting is a different type of reengineering that has led us to be more transparent and profitable."

Stephen Warshaw
former Chief Executive Officer
Chiquita Brands International

Corporate responsibility and sustainability is not part of what a company does. Itís what it is. As specialists in the challenges of building and sustaining values-centered organizations, we do the hard work - working alongside our clients to:

At SmithOBrien, we believe that:

  • Values should be a starting point, not the finishing touch.
  • Values are not a management tool.
  • Values implementation is a task that executives can't delegate to others.
  • Values implementation is something done by everyone in the company every day.

Values-centered management is less a technique or a collection of "best practices" than a philosophy of management that is grounded in the distinctive set of assumptions about the nature of people, companies, and the role of business in society. Because value-centered management starts with the premise that a company is a moral actor, it is simply a given that an excellent company will be concerned about the consequences of its actions, the rights of its stakeholders and its contributions to the broader community.

Whether we are building the business case, changing the culture, or implementing leading practices, SmithOBrien will ensure lasting management buy-in by intelligently measuring results and financial impact.

SmithOBrien consultants and strategic partners have diverse international industry backgrounds, and have worked in some of the world's largest corporations. As a result, they have a unique combination of understanding and skill at eliminating the root cause of negative behavior that can trigger oversight by regulators or activist groups and erode public trust. They apply this experience to the wide-ranging issues of: workplace diversity, environmental process improvements, human rights, community involvement, stakeholder collaboration, and socially responsible capital markets. And we always bring the bottom line business perspective that our clients say is our greatest strength.